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Sustainable practices in the fashion industry [round table]

  • 16 Feb 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Virtual event
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  • Free of charge


Date: February 16, 2022 at  6 pm Ottawa / February 17, 2022 8 am Yakutsk

As today’s fashion industry in general, and fake fur and textile sectors in particular, rely on over-production and consumption and are inherently wasteful, we must keep rethinking the fashion industry.

These hurdles towards sustainable development are bringing us back to slower fashion, providing newer and more sustainable alternatives. 

CERBA invites specialists involved in the garment industry to share their vision and achievements as well as practices in managing the processing and procurement of knitwear, yarn, nonwovens, felt, leather and fur materials and others.

As Russia and Canada share very similar climates, this conversation can highlight similarities between consumers of both countries, while generating a discussion on differences, which together can benefit your individual needs and interests.

Recognizing that Indigenous environmental stewardship is crucial to sustainability, Indigenous-owned companies from both Canada and Russia are invited to present.


Marina Belskikh, CERBA regional director in Montreal and Ottawa

Kseniya Ogloblina, CERBA Virtual trade fair business analyst


  • International fashion industry trends in Canada and Russia.
  • Successful stories and best practices:
innovative business models
the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fur farms
hunting and breeding
modern equipment and leather processing technologies
training programs
approaches to the preservation of traditional manual crafts and skills
  • Design and production technology of clothing and footwear for the northern regions.
  • Popularization of the culture of the Northern Peoples in Russia and Canada in the segment of clothing and footwear.
  • Experience in promoting finished fur products.
  • Promising areas of cooperation between Russia and Canada in the field of fur-bearing animals breeding, procurement and processing of leather and fur raw materials, as well as fur processing, sewing and sale of fur and leather products.


Random networking sessions in small groups with distributors and stores will follow the closing of the event. 


  • "Sakhabult" National Enterprise of the Republic of Sakha (Russia)
  • Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF)
  • International Fur Federation (IFF)
  • The International Fur Animal Scientific Association (IFASA)
  • Educational institutions
  • Dressing and dyeing specialists
  • Seamstresses and designers
  • Fashion consultants
  • Distributors of apparel, footwear and natural fur products 



    For  more information and the event, CERBA virtual trade fair and registration please, contact 

    Marina Belskikh, Regional Director of CERBA in Montreal and Ottawa, 

    via email [email protected] or tel. +1  (514) 5161178.