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Clean technologies round between Canada and Eurasia

  • 08 Feb 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Virtual event
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  • Free of charge


    Date: February 8, 2021 at 9 am EST 

    Venue: Virtual 

    Sectors: clean energy, sustainable urbanization, industrial efficiency, agriculture, water, forestry, mining, education and healthcare. 

    For the clean technology industry to grow and play an active role in the economy, governments are preoccupied with transformation of existing industrial sectors, and displacement of less efficient and polluting elements of the economy.

    The private sector as well has a load of challenges. By developing and adopting clean technologies, companies and industries can better control costs, meet new regulatory requirements at home and abroad, improve global competitiveness and reduce impacts on climate, water, land and air. However, there are numerous factors hindering potential transformative growth in clean technology activity:

    • A risk-averse domestic market with low adoption rates of clean technology
    • Low access to patient growth capital, scale-up investments and grant funding suited to the unique risks and costs of clean technology
    • Disconnect between environmental policy targets and regulations
    • The lack of stringent domestic environmental regulations hinders the adoption of new technologies
    • Small firm size, a lack of strategic expertise, market information and participation in targeted international bodies hamper market access for clean technology firms
    • Women and Indigenous people are insufficiently represented in the workforce
    • Limited entrepreneurial and soft skills among start-ups

    During this first of its kind venue, CERBA calls for responsible government agencies of Canada and Eurasian countries as well as established businesses in the sector of clean technology to sit together, share their achievements and reflect on rigorous aspects of policy twinning strategies.

    P R O G R A M

    • A stronger clean technology innovation ecosystem across the public and private sectors that gets new ideas to market faster and that grows firms to scale sooner
    • Large industry and government partner with and procure from smaller/innovative clean technology companies
    • Financing instruments that are available to address the unique risks and costs of capital and enable and accelerate a scale-up in the marketplace
    • Policies and regulations that reflect and respond to sector risks and opportunities, encouraging innovation and responsibly enabling the timely introduction of technologies to market
    • Decision makers who recognize the long-term economic advantage of clean technology along with its potential to reduce global greenhouse gas while improving environmental outcomes for water, soil and air
    • Greater access to international markets and climate change financing with more presence and influence on international bodies
    • A dynamic, diverse and inclusive clean technology workforce and leadership
    • Clean technology for economic development and sustainability in remote and Indigenous communities 
    • Mitigation of legal obstacles in the international transfer of clean technologies


    Networking with Canadian and Eurasian entities and companies in small groups. 


    For  more information, partnership and sponsorship,

    please, contact

     Marina Belskikh, Regional Director of CERBA in Montreal and Ottawa, 

    via email [email protected] or tel. +1  (514) 5161178