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KCBC Transportation & Aerospace Working Group Meeting

  • 12 Nov 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Virtual working group

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

We would like to inform you that the KCBC Transportation & Aerospace working group will be held virtually due to pandemic restrictions and we will provide you with more details and the Agenda shortly.

Preliminary topics for discussions and further development:

  1. Governmental development programs and strategies in the sectors.
  2. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, cyber security and cyber resilience in the aerospace industry. 
  3. Operation and maintenance of aircraft: technologies reducing the cost, digitalization, data analytics and software development.

  4. Unmanned and drone-based logistics systems. Remote (virtual) management and safety considerations.
  5. Human resources development programs.
  6. Action on climate change: damaged infrastructure and environmental considerations.

    For the record, the following topics were covered on previous KCBC meeting:

    • Bombardier transportation delivered an excellent presentation on their Kazakhstan projects which are based mostly on co-operation with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ). Potential to expand this co-operation exists.
    • Co-operation between Kazakhstan and Canada has produced many transportation success stories.
    • Kazakhstan's transit potential and projects such as the One Belt One Road project offer significant opportunities for Canadian companies.
    • The expertise and technology of Canadian companies would be useful in many sectors including railways, roads, ports and aviation.
    • Kazakhstan is actively developing its ports, especially in Aktau (seaport) and Khorgos (dry port). Major partners from China and UAE are involved in these projects. However, the door is not closed to other partners who could bring technology and expertise in port services and technologies.
    • Given the existing co-operation involving KTZ and that its subsidiary, KTZ-Express, is involved with development of ports in Kazakhstan, further discussion with KTZ could open opportunities for Canadian companies. 

    Download KCBC 2016 report in pdf

    Download KCBC 2017 report in pdf




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