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CERBA presentation: new book by Luc Jones "Why Russians Don't Smile"

  • 30 Jun 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Online presentation

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Dear Members and Friends,

On behalf of the CERBA Board of Directors we are honored to present the new book recently issued by our long term member and friend, Mr. Luc Jones, "Why Russians Don't Smile"

We invite everyone for whom Russia is a subject of professional and business interests to meet with an outstanding vibrant personality of the Author and learn about his views and long-term experience of living and working at this controversial and exciting place.


8:00 AM - 8:10 AM (Vancouver time) - Opening remarks and introductions

8:10 AM - 9:00 AM (Vancouver time) - Presentation and interactive discussion

The presentation will be held in a format if interactive on-line dialogue. The Moderator of this event is H.E. John Sloan, the Former Ambassador of Canada to Russia, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

An access to the online presentation will be send to all registered participants by the e-mail. 

We invite all interested participants to send us questions that you would like to forward to the Author. The questions shell be sent to the contacts below by June 27th. 


 In Canada  In Russia

The regional Director of CERBA-Vancouver Chapter Tatiana Domilovskaya at

[email protected] or +1 604 720 2905

The Regional Director of CERBA-Russia Chapter Alex Grichine at

[email protected] or +7 985 7621240


Download the book by Luc Jones "Why Russians Don't Smile". 4th edition

                            Brief outlines by Luc Jones

Russia is possibly the most misunderstood country in the world, as least from a Westerner’s perspective. Our mistaken assumption is that since Russians look like we do, they must therefore think, act and behave exactly as we do. Then, when they invariably don’t, we struggle to comprehend why not.

There are countless stereotypes about Russia, often exaggerated by the international media, none of whom have any interest in portraying Russia as a ‘normal’ country. The narrative is rarely positive, and the feeling amongst both Russians and foreigners living here is that the story has been written to fit in with the Editor-in-Chief’s mindset. 

Assuming that the book will trigger lots of questions and to make the presentation really interactive and fun, we invited to be a moderator of this event our other distinguished member and one of the best experts on Russia and CIS, H.E. John Sloan, who have also been working in Russia for many years as the Canadian Ambassador 

My initial decision to write the first edition of ‘Why Russians don’t Smile’ was to serve as a myth-buster for foreigners coming to Russia/CIS on business, or perhaps planning to move here to live and work. After being presented with a copy, the usual response was: “Thank you, but I wish I had read this several years ago, before I began dealing with Russians!”

For subsequent, updated editions, I have changed the angle slightly so that it appeals more to Russians who work with foreigners. Whilst it’s unlikely that the book will teach Russians much (if anything) that they didn’t already know, many have commented to me that it’s interesting to read about how they are viewed by outsiders.

The 4th edition has just been released, and I have added a section about the Far East of Russia, and have considerable expanded & updated the chapters about some of the CIS countries, notably Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan & Uzbekistan. This is to reflect the significant changes in each region, plus their growing attractiveness amongst business people based in Moscow.

Enjoy this latest edition and as always, I welcome feedback, both positive and critical.