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Looking to the future of the aviation industry

  • 09 Jul 2020
  • 9:00 AM
  • 20 Dec 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • Virtual event
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  • free of charge
  • Free of charge


    We invite you to catch momentum and explore the future of the aviation industry together with Canadian and Russian manufactures and technological companies.

    Canada is ranked second after the US in the global aircraft manufacturing attractiveness rankings for 2019, supported by an educated labour force, low level of geopolitical risk, and industry size. The aircraft industry is the fourth largest export-oriented industry in the country.

    Canada encourages R&D efforts to facilitate the growth and expansion of aircraft firms in the country and attract and retain large-scale investments.

    The development of the aviation industry of the Russian Federation is also proceeding at an accelerated pace. Within the government program “Development of the aircraft industry for 2013-2025” in place, Russia is preoccupied with developing capabilities and competencies in aircraft manufacturing, helicopter manufacturing, aircraft engine manufacturing, aircraft assembly, aviation instrumentation, and small aircraft manufacturing.

    As such Russia aims at creating world-class corporations in key segments of the aircraft industry; excelling scientific and technical development, improving aviation regulations; developing personnel cooperation in the aviation industry; localizing  production of leading foreign companies and import substitution.


      Session 1:  The effects of the pandemic on the airline industry

      Is the pandemic the biggest crisis the aviation industry has ever faced? Do aerospace manufacturers and airlines have to ask for a bailout while waiting for the end of the pandemic or should we see it as a stimulus for a transformation?

      Will people become habituated to meeting virtually and stop flying as a result? How will the industry transform itself while still moving cargo, medical supplies and personnel?

      Are there any innovative ways that airplane manufacturers and airlines can use to try to find some revenue at the moment (ancillary revenue of airlines and frequent flyer points programs)?

      What does the future hold for regional airlines — the smaller carriers that serve smaller markets? How would this crisis change the passenger experience for the better? Is anyone going to be willing to sit in a middle seat again or will small planes be more on demand?

      Session 2:  Fields of cooperation between Canada and Russia in the aviation industry

      The vision for Canada's and Russian'aviation sectors and key elements of the aviation strategies.

      How the industry drives broader economic growth and innovation, while inspiring the next generation of aero scientists.

      Research and development opportunities in aviation industry.

      Session 3: Virtual round tables and networking sessions in small groups with Canadian and Russian  winners from the slowdown in the aviation industry

      • Some new technologies to be introduced:

      •   technologies to increase hygiene.
      • touchless seats that connect to Bluetooth on the phone to lower a seat back or fold out a tray.
      • more regimented boarding procedures so people aren’t falling over each other in the aisles.
      • facial recognition technology and tracking through customs and boarding at airports, so customers and staff aren’t touching the same boarding pass.
      •  innovation to ensure peace of mind.
      •  reduction of the amount of interaction with flight crew.
      •  rapid testing for covid-19.

      The event is held with the support of the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS).

      For  more information, partnership, and sponsorship please, contact

      Marina Belskikh, Regional Director of CERBA in Montreal and Ottawa, 

      via email [email protected] or tel.: (514) 5161178.