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MOSCOW | RACS-CERBA Conference “Canada and Russia: Economics, Politics, Multiculturalism”

  • 06 Oct 2016
  • 3:00 PM
  • 07 Oct 2016
  • 6:00 PM
  • Institute of the USA and Canada, Russia, Moscow, Khlebny Per., 2/3


  • International Conference

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Dear CERBA Members and Friends,

CERBA is happy to be a partner of Russian Association for Canadian Studies (RACS) in the organization of the Biennial RACS Conference, which will take place on October 6-7, 2016 in Moscow in the Conference Hall of the Institute of the USA and Canada. 

This year’s conference “Canada and Russia: Economics, Politics, Multiculturalism” will mark the 25th Aniversary of RACS, and will be held in cooperation with the ICCS, Institute of the USA and Canada, Centre “Moscow-Québec”, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

Participation in the conference for CERBA Members is free of charge.   

If your schedule doesn’t permit you to participate in the entire program, you are welcome to attend the workshops of your choice.

We specifically would like to draw your attention to Session II  “Canada in the Global Economy and Russia-Canada Economic and Commercial Relations”, that will take place at 12.15 – 14.15 pm on October 7, co-moderated by CERBA National Chairman Lou Naumovski, who will also make an introductory presentation surveying the last three decades of Canada-Russia commercial relations.

RACS is expecting over 100 participants and the speakers from different cities of Russia and abroad. The conference papers shall be published in RACS editions, and forwarded to the relevant authorities in Russia and in Canada.

Please find below the program for the upcoming conference:

25th Anniversary of the Russian Association for Canadian Studies


      Russia and Canada: Economics, Politics, Multiculturalism

6-7 October, 2016, Moscow

Institute of the USA and Canada

121814, Russia, Moscow, Khlebny Per., 2/3

                        6 October (Thursday)___________________

14.30 –           Registration  

15.00 –            Opening Plenary Session  


Rogov S.M., Academician of RAS, Scientific Chief of Institute of US and Canada RAS, Honorary President of RACS


Kuzmina T.R., President of RACS

Greeting Speeches

Rogov S.M., Academician of RAS, Scientific Chief of Institute of US and Canada RAS, Honorary President of RACS

Garbuzov V.N. Professor, Director of the Institute of US and Canada RAS

Representative of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (TBD)

H.E. John R. Kur, Ambassador of Canada to the Russian Federation

Kuzmina T.R., President of RACS: “RACS – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”  

Kholodnov V.G. – Head of RACS Branch in Kazan city (Tatarstan)

Akimov Y.G., Chair of the Advisory Board of RACS Branch in St. Petersburg

Hunt N., Chairman of the CERBA Moscow Board of Directors  

                              7 October (Friday)_________________

9.30 –              Registration

10.00 –            Session I:  Historical and Contemporary Domestic and Foreign Policy of Canada


Akimov Y.G., Professor SPBGU

Komarov A.N., Professor RGGU


Komarov A.N., Professor, RGGU: «On the Impact of Conservatism,  Liberalism, Socio-Democratism on the Social and Political Development of Canada (studying the parliamentary elections-2015)»

Israelyan E.V., Institute of US and Canada RAS: «Russian-Canadian Relations after 2015 Elections»

Kubishkin A.I., Professor, SPBGU: «Canada and the Russian-American Relations in the Context of the global Political Crisis.»

Kholodnov V.G.: Associate Professor, Academy of Social Education (Kazan):  «Federal and Regional Immigration Policy of Canada – the Imperatives of the Economic and Social Adaptation of Immigrants»  

Akimov Y.G., Professor, SPBGU: «Identification Para-diplomacy of Quebec: a model to Follow or a Negative Example?»

Minkova K.V., SPBGU:  «Role of foreign Trade in the Exploration of Canada»

12.00 – Coffee Break

12.15-  Session II: Canada in the Global Economy and Russia-Canada Economic and Commercial Relations.  


Naumovski Lou: Vice President and Head of Moscow Rep. Office, Kinross Gold Corporation (Canada), Chairman of the CERBA National Board of Directors

Nemova L.A.,  Head of Economic problems sector., Institute of US and Canada RAS


Naumovski Lou, V.P. and Head of Moscow Rep. Office, Kinross Gold Corporation, National Chairman of CERBA:  «Canada-Russia Commercial Relations From the 1980’s to Today: A (Personal) Story of Unfulfilled Potential?»

Khoroshilov E.E., Institute of US and Canada RAS: «Russian-Canadian Economic Relations: New Hope?»

Nemova L.A., Institute of US and Canada RAS:  «Expansion of the Trade and Investment Links between Canada and China: Possible Implications for Russian-Canadian Relations»

Lomakina A.I., Institute of Geography RAS: «Nordicity and Continentality: two faces of the common transport problem in Canada and Russia»

Mukhitdinova R.E., Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan: «Canadian Municipalities: Contribution to the National Prosperity of Canada»

14.15 –  Coffee Break

14.45 -  Session III “Canada: Multiculturalism Practices and Outcomes”


Isaeva E.V, Professor, RGGU

Romanov K.S, MGU  


Zabelina T.Y.: «Cyber Violence, Gender Security and Multicultural Experience in Canada»

Nokhrin I.M., Chelyabinsk State University: «Policy of Multiculturalism in the context of the Of the Canadian Nationalism History XIX – XX cc»

Romanov K.S., Department of cultural studies MGU: «Challenging Multiculturalism: Idle No More and the Place of Aboriginal Canadians in Public Discourse»

Khairullin R.Z., Professor, Russian New University and Varlamova E.Y.,  Chuvash State Pedagogical University: «Canadian Multiculturalism and Multicultural Education»

Isaeva E.N., Professor RGGU, Director of Moscow-Quebec Center «The Image of the Earth  in the novel “America” by Sergio Kokisa»

Fedosyuk O.A., Independent Researcher: «Multiculturalism Through Fiction: Identity in Guzel Yakhina’s Zuleikha is Opening Her Eyes and Aki Shimazaki’s Le Poids des Secrets.»

Demchuk A.L., Department of philosophy, MGU: «Managing Environmental Conflicts: the Canadian Experience»

16.45 – Closing Plenary Session


Kuzmina T.R., President of RACS

Reports by Session Moderators

Conclusion of the Conference

 Contacts to RSVP:

Alex Grichine, Regional Director, CERBA Moscow, [email protected]

Tatyana R. Kuzmina, PhD, RACS President, [email protected]

About RACS :

The Russian Association for Canadian Studies celebrates this year the 25th anniversary of its activities as the organization uniting both academics and practitioners studying the Canadian realia and experience. It was founded by the leading experts in Canadian studies from the Institute of the USA and Canada – a leading world think tank, has always been presided by the representatives of the Institute and is affiliated with the International Council for Canadian Studies (Canada) being the full fledged member of both the World and European Associations for Canadian Studies.

Today RACS has chapters in many cities and universities of Russia guiding the research in various aspects of Canadian life for many scholars and experts in Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Vladivostok etc.

RACS members take an active part in the research academic activities of the International council for Canadian Studies (Ottawa) and international conferences among the best specialists in Canadian Studies all over the world thus maintaining a high level of expertise.

RACS in conjunction with the Institute of the USA and Canada and the Institute of the world history at the Russian Academy of Sciences publish 2 specilised journals on Canada (Canada Annual Magazine and The Canadian Studies in Russia and Abroad) which editorial boards are headed by RACS Board members.          In the course of a decade the renowned Academic Sergei Rogov has been the President of RACS now retaining the position of an Honourary President and our Scientific Leader.  

In 2015-2016 RACS made a new fresh start proving its right to carry the title of the leading organization in Canadian Studies in Russia staying the only scientific NGO on the territory of the Russian Federation uniting all scholars in Canadian aspects.   RACS is represented on the ICCS Board and we have added 2 more chapters – in Yakutsk and Archangel. We have been acknowledged for the input in strengthening relations between Canada and Russia.

In 2015-2016 in cooperation with diverse Russian academic institutions RACS held many important events, such as: the School of Young Canadienists (St.Petersburg -Moscow); Round Table on Canadian Elections; Seminar on the Arctic Issues (St.Petersburg -Archangel- Moscow); Round Table on cooperation in the university sphere; workshop on the Arctic within the official programme of the Russian Geographic Society jubilee conference, etc.