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Kazakh President briefed on Baiterek project at Baikonur

11 Oct 2017 11:38 AM | Deleted user
ASTANA  –  Kazakhstan  President  Nursultan  Nazarbayev  was  briefed  on  the  latest  in  Kazakh- Russian cooperation on the Baiterek joint project at the Baikonur complex during a recent trip to the Kyzylorda region, according to the Akorda press service.

“As part of our agreements with Russia, the strategic directions for the development of the complex are determined. The work is coordinated by a specially established intergovernmental commission and the governments of the parties, concrete steps are being taken,” President Nazarbayev said.

He also stressed the need to improve environmental safety in the region. The President was also briefed on prospects to develop the city of Baikonur and improve his quality of life. “The city has a great prospect. The necessary infrastructure is being developed, gasification of the city will be ensured, construction of housing complexes and social facilities will be carried out, and joint  enterprises  should  be  created  to  provide  employment  for  the  local  population,”  President Nazarbayev added.

The Baiterek project, a joint project between the counties, started in 2004 with the aim of creating more eco-friendly carrier rocket launches at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Funding for the Baiterek project will start in 2019-2020, when draft design and working design documentation will also be developed. Development and manufacture of equipment, construction and installation will launch in 2021-2023. Autonomous, integrated flight tests are slated for 2024-2025, with the first launch within

the Baiterek project slated for 2025.