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COVID-19 Restrictions in Russia & CIS Countries

29 Jun 2021 9:00 AM | Alexander Belyasov (Administrator)

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

We are happy to introduce the latest information on COVID-19 restrictions in Russia and CIS countries for easy navigation. The material is prepared by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocation. To learn more about COVID-19 restriction update in each country, please click the respective link below.


Russia has closed its borders for most foreign citizens. The exception applies to some categories of foreign citizens as well as to citizens and permanent residents of "approved countries". In Moscow and other cities quarantine restrictions are introduced.

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Air and land borders are open for foreign citizens in Armenia. To enter it is necessary to comply with certain regulations. The government has not implemented any significant quarantine requirements in the country. 

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As a general rule, Azerbaijan’s borders are closed for entry. However, lately the government has simplified the entry procedure for foreign citizens of some countries. The quarantine regime is in effect till August 1. A number of restrictions imposed under the quarantine have been cancelled.
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Foreign citizens are allowed to cross Belarus borders via air. Entry of foreign nationals and stateless persons via land borders is temporarily prohibited. No particular coronavirus-related restrictions have been introduced in the country. 

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The ban on air traffic has been lifted in Georgia. Land borders are open. To enter the country foreign citizens have to comply with the rules introduced by the government. In the country the majority of the quarantine restrictions have been lifted, however, the curfew is still in effect.
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Generally, foreign citizens are allowed to enter Kazakhstan based on the permission from the Interagency Committee except for certain categories as well as for citizens of countries with which the government has resumed air traffic. Restrictive measures are in effect across Kazakhstan; the implemented restrictions differ across regions.

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There is no ban on entry of foreign citizens in Kyrgyzstan. Epidemiological regulations should be observed to enter the country. Light restrictive quarantine measures have been introduced by the government.
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Foreigners and stateless citizens are allowed to enter Moldova based on the regulations introduced by the government. The quarantine restrictions are in effect across the country; restrictive measures may differ across regions.

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Ukrainian borders are open for foreign citizens. To enter it is necessary to comply with certain regulations. The government had extended the adaptive quarantine regime till the end of August. All Ukrainian regions are divided in several zones according to COVID-19 spread and prevalence rate: green, yellow, orange and red.
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Foreign nationals can enter and exit Uzbekistan by air, railway and road transport in compliance with quarantine and sanitary rules. The sanitary and hygienic control is maintained. People are required to follow restrictive measures in the country.
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