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COVID-19 in Russia: Update on Exceptions from Entry Restrictions

26 May 2021 10:20 AM | Alexander Belyasov (Administrator)

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

According to the information kindly provided by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocation, please be informed that in accordance with the governmental decree No. 1291-p dated 18 May 2021 several changes were made to decrees No. 635-p dated 16.03.2020 and 763-p 27.03.2020 which regulate COVID-19 entry restrictions.

What are the key changes?

1. Restrictions on entry and exit via the Russian land border for holders of Russian permanent residence permits have been lifted.

2. “Close relatives” and “Russian nationals’ family members” now designate a broader range of persons: spouses, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, adopters, and adoptees. Guardians and trustees are not among this list.

NB! HQS dependents who may enter Russia based on approved lists are still limited to spouses, children, parents, adopters, and adoptees of the principal employee.

3. Nationals and permanent residents of green-listed countries may enter Russia by plane from any green-listed country as well as from Belarus.

4. New categories of persons have become exempted from the entry restrictions:

1) Business travelers who are owners or CEOs of enterprises located in Russia or participants of negotiations on fulfilment of investment projects – based on the lists approved by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development in accordance with a special governmental algorithm.

Intermark comment

As of now, the algorithm of including such persons in the approved list not yet published and it is unclear whether interested companies may submit requests for approval to the Ministry directly or not. Intermark has asked the Ministry of Economic Development, governmental Operational staff for the prevention of importing and spreading of COVID-19 and Russian government for clarifications and we are now expecting to receive additional comments.

2) Fan ID holders who arrive visa-free in the period from 29 May until 2 July 2021 included to attend UEFA Euro 2021™ football matches hosted by Saint-Petersburg.

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals travelling to Russia and their inviting parties.


You can read an original version here.