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COVID-19 in Russia: Additional Entry Options for Foreigners from Green Listed Countries

21 Apr 2021 5:45 AM | Alexander Belyasov (Administrator)

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

According to the information kindly provided by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocation, please be informed that in accordance with the governmental decree No. 963-p dated 14 April 2021, citizens and permanent residents of "green listed" countries may enter Russia by direct flights from any green listed country.

The changes took effect on April 16, 2021.

What are the changes?

1. Previously, such nationals were allowed to enter only by direct flights from the country of their citizenship or permanent residence. Now they may enter by flights originating from any green listed country.

2. Citizens and permanent residents of Belarus may enter Russia by flights from Belarus as well as by flights from green listed countries.

Intermark comment

Foreigners from green listed countries with suspended or limited direct flights to Russia (currently the UK, Turkey and Tanzania) may benefit from the change by taking a flight to Russia from another green listed country.

Kindly pay attention that the "green list" is a formal list approved by the Russian government, which currently includes 29 countries. Belarus is not on the list but its citizens and permanent residents enjoy the same right to enter Russia by air flights.


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